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  • Neurodivergent-Affirming Report Writing

    Lately we've been thinking about report writing for Neurodivergent students. Report writing is a necessary part of providing care for Neurodivergent clients. We are duty-bound to maintain comprehensive records in accordance with applicable guidelines HCPC Standards of Proficiency As Neurodivergent-Affirming SLTs, we see reports time after time that are written through a Medical Model lens which are full of deficit-based language. As professionals we should reflect on our reports and ask ourselves some key questions: If this report was describing myself or a loved one, how would I feel about the language used? If my client read this would I feel comfortable with how I described them and their needs? Does this report describe the supports the person needs? Does the language assign judgment? Is it shaming? Pathologising? De-humanising? Does the report accurately describe their strengths and difficulties? Has sufficient attention been given to their strengths as well as their needs? Reference: Divergent Perspectives (2022, Aug 29). Neurodivergent Report Writing.

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